Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 6, 2008

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727 Dameron Drive

Hello everyone,

I’d just like to say, I’m having a super fine day…

…I know, it’s been a while…almost 4 months since I wrote in June. For those that don’t know, I’ve been working on some pretty difficult personal stuff in the medical and mental health realm…things that try to keep me down. While I’d like to say I am back better than ever…I am! I’m back; back with new information and the potential for improvement!

To my family, friends, and support people, thank you. I feel love, joy, peace, grateful, willing, and hopeful.

To my community, I am doing what I set out to do—this project, as it started as a dream, a home, and a place to live…a place to bring people together. It’s these things and a place of hope, learning about sustainability, permaculture, community, caring, the land, methods, materials, construction, and producing food in an urban environment. I support this project from the center of my soul.

When kids come by to learn, and I see the look in their eyes when they know they got it; I feel wonderful.

On my commitment, I can promise three things. I will continue my work on myself. I will continue my work with community and, I will continue to grow food, raise animals, and teach others.

As my commitments unfold, I see this Dameron place providing food, year round to the Prescott College CSA, to the Farmer’s Market, and to local restaurants, The Raven and Crossroads Cafe. I see this Dameron place as a catalyst to things as community, a therapeutic place to live, work, learn, and share. I see people working together for themselves and for those they are with…young and idealistic???…I think tried and true.

For those of you with questions on where I’ve been or where I’m going, I am here…ready, willing, and most likely able to share more on this place, this land, and on my personal experience.

…enough of my mind ramblings; to anyone that wants to be removed from this letter, let me know. As for the update…

727 Dameron Drive Update:
…since it’s been so long, much has happened. I put photos on a webpage to make it easier for you to enjoy them…nice & simple; I hope you take the time to enjoy the beautiful photos; you deserve to see them. The links at the top of this page will guide you through.

Community Dinner!!!
Community dinners continue!
I still host a potluck and cook dinner every Wednesday, at 6:30pm sharp…a little quirk of mine. J

The Land
I walk this property day and night, deeply enmeshed in beauty; I see an amazing abundance in things that grow…tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, and corn—chard, squash, onion, and beets—beans, eggs, and 12 new young chicks. I see concord grapes, strawberries and more trees, plants, flowers, and wildlife than I could ever imagine.

I see woodpiles scattered across this land, tree-limbs stacked in a pile—a perfect perching place for dozens of birds, as they feed on insects, fertilize the earth, and bring soothing sights and scattering sounds as they flutter and fly.

Little justice can I bring to the amazing mushrooms that grew on this land, to the insects and things I have never seen before. Wide-eyed, in youthful wonder, I stand stone-like in amazement from what is; here, in nature, the city, and in god’s gift. This is, what it is all about.

Accomplishments and recognition…
Too many to mention…but a few: Thomas, Sam, Ross, Rayanne, Nick, Liz, Lara, John, Jesse, Jeff, Jason, Gregory, Ganai, Erin, Emma, Bethena, Brooke, Athena, Asher, Ang, Andy, my family, and so many others, thank you. I find hope and reason in you.

A solar shower sits on this site, comfortably providing a place of peace. Its warm water feels wonderful to wash in. We have 5 new double-paned windows and a bulk food storage/bench handmade and installed by Gregory. We have a brand new earthen floor, thanks to Cassandra and others, Thomas, and Brooke.

I need help…
· The chicken coop needs winterizing
· Cold frames need cob
· Cold frames need prep & planting
· Compost piles need shoring up
· Drawings need to get to the city for a permit for the new extension on the cottage
· Plans for a new greenhouse (to replace the main house) need to be worked out
· Piles need to be reorganize, making things more organized & useful
· Digging needs to be done on the new foundation…like next week.

Other projects…
· Community outreach—Information Kiosk—create a virtual tour in writing and in video, a printed flyer and a video for “You Tube”…something for people to pick up, take home, and/or read/view what we do
· Greywater—build a system to collect and manage water from sinks and shower
· Water Catchment—rainwater, street and roof runoff, drainage, and mycelium filter
· Mycelium filter
· The Well—sure-up/reframe existing structure, refinish exterior, add mechanism/solar pump for pulling water…things needed, solar panel, pump, water holding tank, battery, inverter, or regulator

Peace and thanks

Questions & feedback always accepted