Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dameron Drive Update
Fall ’09 /


Alright everyone, this newsletter will be mostly pictures. I hope you enjoy them cause I’m going to Ireland and hopefully, taking a bunch of time off this winter…after the next two projects I have planned. :/

• Transitions Magazine published an article titled:
Dameron Drive: An Evolving Oasis
• The main house is down, recycled, and the remains removed from the property.
• The Ecosa Institute of Sustainable Design Education keeps coming by for tours on sustainable systems, recycling, and natural building methods and materials.
• Chef Molly’s Kids Cooking Camp came by this summer to learn about urban agriculture, food systems, compost, and raising chickens in the city.
• The addition is finished. We finished the exterior in lime plaster. We installed a brick paver floor in the bathroom.
• Urban Agriculture: I saved corn, beans, squash, potatoes, tomatoes, beets, and melon…not as much as I would expect. Overall, I found a difficult year reaping a fraction of what I planted.

I still do tours so just give me a heads up if you’re coming by.