Saturday, November 22, 2008

November 22, 2008

November 22, 2008

On the farm, urban agriculture from 727 Dameron Drive

Fall ’08 Photos:

Fall ’08 Photos in a Slideshow:

I sit in quiet contemplation and write from what is born.
Darkness fills my space as candles burn in two windows.
It’s 5am and the sounds of the clicks, rocks, and rolls, tell me to tend the fire.
Warmth surrounds this space from its walls to fireplace.
Coffee steeps as wood, fire, and flower fill the air.

With the hens in their house, the rooster sits still—
his call is sure to come

Today I will milk a cow from that I will drink, bartered for eggs of mine;
I will eat food that I’ve grown and feel warmth from fuel that I have found in harvest, trees, and in lumber.

I sit on an earthen floor, sealed in beeswax. I see shards of wood made into majestic works of art. My walls are stuffed with blue denim jeans, covered with earth, clay, and sand, sealed with soy and egg. Earth-sculpture, art, and energy make this positive place.

Each day since the cottage completion, I feel a near overwhelming sense of magic,
for it is done and I am home.
…a place from which I move forward.
This is my home that many help build, create, and enjoy.

People say, my place is beautiful, warm, and absolutely amazing, I say it’s not my place, it is my home and everyone’s place.
I feel peace and gratitude and invite all to see this spectacular space.

Since my last update, we started the framework of a chicken coop barn, growing food in our cold frames, and added the finishing touches on the cottage.
Next, we have planned a cottage addition to include a full bathroom and an art/reading room,
following that, a greenhouse hand-crafted from local lumber.

I put our Fall ’08 photos on a webpage to make it easy for you to see; I hope you take the time to enjoy them, you deserve it.
The links at the top of this page will guide you through.

Community Dinner Continue!!!
I still host a potluck and cook dinner every Wednesday, at 6:00pm, come one, come all, share, care, and enjoy our community.

The Land, is teaming with life

· Compost piles need rebuilding
· Drawings need to get to the city for the addition
· Plans for a greenhouse (to replace the main house) need to be worked on
· Digging needs to be done for the new foundation.
· Information—create a virtual tour in writing and video—a printed flyer and a video for “You Tube”…something for people to pick up, take home, and/or read/view what we do
· Greywater—build a system to collect and manage water from sinks and shower
· Water Catchment—rainwater, street and roof runoff, drainage, and mycelium filter
· The Well—rebuild/finish exterior, add mechanism/solar pump for pulling water…things needed, solar panel, pump, water holding tank, battery, inverter, or regulator
· Solar—needs a plan

It’s time for me to get to work, cheeps, peeps, and crows, the chickens call me to start my day.

Good morning, peace, and happiness,