Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring ’09, 4/17/09

727 Dameron Drive Update

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Well, lets see; during the last few weeks, we have several people interested in a CSA, many people buying eggs, seedlings are up, cold-frames filled, more chicks on order, a class making cheese & butter, community dinners, property tours, an interview for publication, and lots of progress on the addition.

  • I have several people interested in a CSA, and I’m open to more folks coming on board. A small group of us may combine several properties into a CSA and running a vegetable stand…let me know if you are interested and I’ll keep you posted.
  • Since I placed a sign on top of a manure pile at the end of the property, people keep asking for eggs…I guess people would rather eat local, fresh, cage-free, eggs from healthy, happy well-fed chickens than purchase factory farmed, caged, flat, and tasteless eggs…go figure.
  • Peas, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, onion, and lots of flower seedlings are up and growing.
  • The cold-frames are filled with mature beets and chard, and lots of seed starts.
  • We have another 50 chicks on order and may have some extras for sale…if interested, let me know.
  • This week, we had a cheese and butter making class on the property and they tasted awesome.
  • …as always, community dinners and tours continue on Wednesday at 6:30pm. Bring food to share, a bowl and spoon to eat with, and music if you’d like to share in a community meal…tours happen at 6pm to see an active urban agriculture and permaculture project.
  • Molly Beverly is writing an article on urban chickens for publication in Pop Rocket.
  • I don’t know how much you want to hear about the construction, so I’ll add pics to the website and only mention some highlights: we dug, measured, mixed, and poured, the foundation and stem-wall. We moved several tons of materials, built a wall, and installed plumbing, next up, more walls, trusses, and a roof…

The Take Back The Night event is coming up on the courthouse square on April 23, at 6pm…it’s a place for you to become part of a solution to end to sexual violence.

Skull Valley—if anyone has any ties to Skull Valley, I am interested in land, farming, and building community there too.

Also, is anyone wants to speak on the economics of sustainability, I am interested developing ways to economic sustainability as it relates to urban & small-scale agriculture, community development, Prescott, and farming in general.

727 Dameron Drive is a community resource for sustainable urban food production and small-scale community development.

Thanks, enjoy, and more to come.

Dan Quinn

…as part of the Prescott Food Revolution, I include the resource e-mail list to the 727 Dameron Drive Update newsletter.