Thursday, May 7, 2009

727 Dameron Drive Update

Spring ’09, Second Set
May 7, 2009

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With the spirit of spring, we have beets, carrots, flowers, garlic, grapes, lettuce, onion, peas, peppers, potatoes, rosemary, Swiss chard, and tomatoes growing. Basil, beans, corn, cowpeas, herbs, more flowers, more peppers, more potatoes, spinach, and squash shall follow fast.

Irrigation and Water Conservation:
· We built a drip irrigation system to water 1200 feet of vegetable beds and 700 feet of perennial garden space.
· We built a French drain around the addition foundation to divert and capture water. This water and the existing water already diverted from the front of the property will end up and potentially flood the well. I am installing a 1,500-gallon water tank above the well to capture the excess water. We’ll build a platform above the well and run a solar pump to lift the water as the well level rises. This water will help reduce my environmental impact and dependence on using processed city water. Also, water from the sky has more nutrients and minerals that help plants grow better.

CSA—we still have a few spots open in our CSA to receive fresh local vegetables and eggs this summer. Our season begins late May/early June and will continue until our fall crops mature, and our dry foods are processed. If you wanna join us, let me or Kelly know ASAP.

As everyone probably knows, I am selling eggs on a daily bases, so come on by.

We have 25 baby chicks in the brooder and 25 more coming June 10th…if you want chicks or fresh chicken meat, let me know.

Community Dinner/potluck & Tours:
Wednesday from 6-8 pm, I open this place up for tours and a community meal. Bring some food, something to eat with, and something to share (music, stories, or yourself) and join us for community dinner.

Methods, materials, and a way to work…the construction seems to always happen. If you look at the photos (
) you can see all the progress on the addition and all the neat things happening on the property…pictures speak a thousand words.

· An old rusty porcelainized wash basin from the outhouse will become a bathroom sink.
· An old copper water spigot will become a sink faucet.
· An old watering can rose will become a showerhead.
· Old chimney bricks from the main-house will pave the shower floor and rear entrance landing.
· Old wood pieces from around the property make the attic vents.
· Dirt, clay, and sand from this site will coat the walls, floor, and ceiling.
· The old gable ends from the main-house will become a new board and baton finish on the addition gable end.
· A recycled window/planter box will fill a 5-foot south facing window space.
· Recycled tile and grout will finish the shower walls.

The interior earthen finish should begin during the first week of June. Again, we will use the earth from this property to sculpt the walls, floor, and ceiling. We will make our own paints, pigments, glue, trim, and everything possible out of local and/or recycled materials.

…short and sweet and no poetry this time…perhaps next time.

I will leave you with this:
with gratitude, grace, and soiled skin, I found peace in this place.