Thursday, March 19, 2009

'09 Spring

727 Dameron Drive Update
Growing season—with plants and an addition

Spring ‘09

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Things around here are growing (exceptionally) well.
Working on the addition, growing food, and keeping the property organized top my list.
Since last update:
· We completed building plans, had them approved by the City, and completed a timeline & budget.
· We added 2,500 square feet of growing space, prepared soil, raised beds, and purchased all my seed and supplies.
· We reorganize the property—fenced in all beds & gardens, organized materials, and prepared the space for healthy living, construction, and food production.

I feel grateful for all the help I receive from my family and friends, especially Gregory, Dana, Jeff, Mark, and Liberty.

Other things:
· We had a work party where people came to work the soil, raise beds, and share a community meal.
· We ordered a commercial irrigation system to improve water distribution, conserve energy, and conserve water.
· I went to community meeting organized by Nick Mahmood and Food Revolution where people gathered at The Raven to speak about urban agriculture. I think we had about 75 people attend and many contributed with personal stories, from small gardens to urban agriculture projects; school projects, from middle school growing projects to graduate level studies; community projects, from karma farming to selling food to restaurants and Farmer’s Markets
· Everything is ready to plant the cold frames with seed.
· The addition groundbreaking is next Wednesday.
· Liberty’s space is clean and organized for food production.
· The perennial garden is protected from human and animal traffic.
· I have to admit, many days during the planning process for construction, I felt overwhelmed in all the numbers, calculations, and choices in methods, materials, and ways; I look forward to the physical aspect beginning soon with construction and growing food.

...oh, and if I had more time, I’d write you a poem about sewers and sinks, meters and traps, electric to light switches, footers to roofing screws, termite shields to hurricane ties, and something about questions and pondered ways of methods and materials…

Thanks for all the love and support I feel; I will talk to ya’ll real soon.

PS, I still think this is one of the The Greatest Place on Earth!!

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